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welcome home Frequently Asked Questions

What is your level of experience?
Key to SimplicityTM has been in operation in Texas, Louisiana, and Oregon for over eight years. Some of our organizers have been "unoficially" organizing for our friends, family and coworkers for much longer. Our organizers are extremely competent in organzing for both small and big projects. Key to Simplicity has worked with the elderly, mentally ill, and disadvantaged populations. They've also coordinated with many vendors including movie studios, schools, artisan fairs, and general contractors.

What do your services include?
For new clients, we offer a free thirty minute phone consultation during which we will evaluate the needs of the client. The organizing session will include hands-on assistance, helpful strategies, and follow-up advice on maintenance or future projects. If a client elects, we will also travel to purchase organizational items and/or to drop off donations at a charity of their choice.

Do I need to purchase any materials prior to our session?
We are big advocates for working with what a client already has and keeping the process simple. Sturdy trash bags and sharpie markers are normally all that is necessary for most downsizing sessions. For specific rooms or projects, e.g. home offices, kitchens, or closets, we will suggest affordable organizational options during the initial session. For continuing clients, we will suggest items based on the needs of their specific project via phone or email consultation.

What are your rates?
Our rates are based around the time constraints of the client and the scope of the project. There is a four hour minimum for each session at the rate of $35-$50 per hour. This hourly rate varies and is determined by several factors of the project including, but not limited to: multi-level homes, living conditions, parking availability, and coordination with outside vendors. Travel outside of the Portland city center over 30 miles is subject to a $50 travel fee.

Do you work alone, or only with clients present?
Typically, we prefer to work side-by-side with a client for their first session so that we may better understand their needs. For any successive sessions, we can work alone with direction and guidance from the client on what needs to be accomplished.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
We do. Please allow 72 hours to cancel with us to avoid any fees. Appointment cancellations within 48 hours of a booked session are subject to a 25% fee of the total session hours. You will incur a 50% fee on total session hours if you cancel the day of the appointment. We understand things happen, however, and are willing to work with you on the cancellation fees if we can reschedule another client in your time slot.

I’m overwhelmed and embarrassed at the state of things. What if my place is the worst you’ve ever seen?
We get asked this all the time by clients. Our honest answer is the same each time; there is no "worst." Everyone's situation is relative. Maybe you became overwhelmed with life events, or just became involved with other pursuits. No one plans to let things become cluttered or disorganized - life just happens! Please do not let embarrassment or overwhelming feelings prevent you from contacting Key to Simplicity (or any organizer). Every project can be tackled and completed in time.


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