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“Laura showed me where my home was, amidst the piles of clutter and things I had accumulated over a lifetime of transitioning through different cities, living spaces and roommates. She led me to examine clearly the relationship I have with my ‘stuff’ – a relationship that sometimes makes it harder for me to connect with people in the deepest ways. And Laura ultimately helped me find myself – my best self, the self I have always wanted to embody – that had been hidden under the shame and confusion of not knowing where to put the things I wanted to keep and what to do with the things I could leave behind. I have a lot less ‘stuff’ now....and a much richer, fuller life in its place.”
Sean, Sports Announcer (Portland, OR)


“Laura has the ability to walk into a room, actively listen to a series of complaints and frustrations, strategize short and long term plans, and get the job done efficiently and quickly. I am always impressed by her kindess, warmth, humility, and openess. I have reccomended her services to others without hesistation.”
Liz, Yoga Instructor (Austin, TX)


“Our garage was a mess. Laura came over and helped me and my husband clear it out, clean it up, organize it, and put it away in about eight hours. It was a long day, and Laura calmly and with a sense of humor, advised us and kept us focused. She gave us an objective perspective on what to keep, donate, recycle or trash. I was really happy with how much Laura helped us, and we couldn't have done it without her.”
Shelly, Graphic Designer (Austin, TX)


“I had a very positive experience working with Laura. She gets in there with you and asks the “tough questions” that help you reevaluate your relationship with your stuff. It wasn’t always easy but we couldn’t have done it without her.”
Laura, Hospital Administrator (New Orleans, LA)


“With a few small tweaks, Laura made our kitchen more organized and functional. She has a keen eye for streamlining fixtures in a simple, non-obtrusive way. I would recommend her for any job no matter how large or small!”
Jess, Marketing & Events Director (Portland, OR)


“Laura came to me through a friend, who had worked with her, and now I get to share her with more friends, and I'm glad to do it. Laura has helped me make space in my life, let go of things that were taking up too much room, and explore what's most important to me, both in my living space and throughout my life.”
Carin, Clinical Therapist (Austin, TX)


“I have had several opportunities to work with Laura when she lived in NOLA. I had a very junky art room that needed to be cleared out - don't judge. But artists are a fickle type and we get emotionally attached to our crap. Laura knows all the right things to say to help you release that item back to the world where it will be happier. ”
Tami, Interior Designer (New Orleans, LA)


“Several times, Laura has cheerfully and efficiently helped me sort through months of paperwork and junk and organize my house. She's great at turning disorder into order very quickly.”
Andrew, Technical Writer (Austin, TX)


”Laura knows how to gently move me into a decision regarding whether to keep an object or not, she doesn't lose focus and she takes seriously that our possessions have meaning and are often hard to decide to get rid of. In each session, I was able to divest myself of more than I had imagined. Laura took my castoffs to Goodwill - an essential service, otherwise the bags would end up cluttering up my house for months. Once you decide to have the stuff go, it's good to actually see it GO!”
Shari, Clinical Therapist (Portland, OR)


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